Do you love yourself? Perhaps the more important question is: do you even know yourself?

Before we can say that we love ourselves (and mean it), we must really get to know ourselves. Think about it … you don’t go around proclaiming love for someone that you barely know.

And the only way to get to know someone (yourself included!) is to ask hard questions.

How well do you really know yourself?

Why do you act the way that you do?

What key experiences have shaped your life’s journey?

Why do you take offense to certain people or things?


To heal America, we must start embracing all things feminine

Photo by John Cameron on Unsplash

Along with many minority groups, women (and all things labeled “feminine”) have historically been devalued in America. Traits such as compassion, collaboration, and communication have taken a back seat to male-ascribed traits such as assertiveness, independence, and strength.

And America is paying the price. For proof, look no further than the attempted coup at the U.S. capitol on January 6th, 2020.

A survey conducted by Harvard in 2014 found that American youth believe achieving personal success is more important than caring for others. What could be a more sobering reflection of this societal trend than the Trump presidency?

Most parents…

To love any human, or any human-created entity, is to love someone or something that is flawed

Photo by SJ Objio on Unsplash

Despite the turmoil in our country, some people continue to wield the American flag with pride.

They wave it around like a weapon, threatening to wipe out anyone who criticizes our great nation. These self-proclaimed patriots declare love for our country and maintain that America is flawless.

But those of us who haven’t drunk the Kool-Aid know that our country is deeply flawed.

For many people, America is hard to love these days.

But here’s the truth: love — real love — is hard work. Loving someone (or something) with all of their faults is difficult. …

Summer is wearing off now

and Fall is upon us.

What will this new season bring?

We’re on the brink of possibility,

which is both frightening and inspiring

all at once.

During times of transition,

there’s a tension

between saying goodbye to the old

and hello to the new.

I’m reluctant to leave behind

the long, lazy days of sunshine

in exchange for the shorter, brisker days

of falling leaves and chilly winds.


the tug between letting go of the past

And embracing the future

Feels as though it might rip me apart.

And yet, this is what life…

My wedding day was gorgeous, but now I know the truth behind that pretty facade

Photos courtesy of the author

From the moment I set foot on the grounds of the Houmas House and Gardens, I became enchanted by its elegance and Southern charm. The low-hanging tree branches, whimsical gardens, and grand structure seemed like the perfect backdrop for our special day. The website describes it as “one of the top plantations in Louisiana.”

Even more captivating was the way that the grounds transformed by nighttime. Carefully placed spotlights illuminated every fountain and sculpture on the 38-acre estate. It took my breath away. Our wedding guests would feel as though they were walking through a fairytale wonderland when they arrived…

While some believe it to be a harmless social media trend, I have to disagree.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Last month, women flooded social media with black and white images containing the hashtags #challengeaccepted and #womensupportingwomen.

Upon opening Instagram, I was shocked and intrigued. What was this “challenge” and why had so many of my friends jumped on the bandwagon?

Several google searches later, the verdict is still out on the origin of the most recent black and white photo challenge. Most, however, believe that it occurred in response to the recent increase in Turkish femicide due to coronavirus.

Regardless of how it started, the black and white photo challenge of 2020 has become a symbol of female empowerment…

So women who want to make money are selfish? Hm ... There are so many issues with this comment. Your male fragility is showing.

A poem about growth:


growing is uncomfortable

but necessary

work -

growth is not linear

but it is cyclical;


in a way:

first the pain,

then the budding & breaking

And then the blooming -

Followed by

the flowering & the fruiting

and finally

the dying






The fruits of your labor




. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . …

The first time that I started to question my place in the church was when I realized that girls couldn’t be altar servers.

I grew up in south Louisiana, the “bible belt,” and was raised in the Roman Catholic faith tradition.

“Why can’t I be an altar server?” I asked my mom.

“Why not me?” I asked my teachers.

No one could give me a solid answer. In fact, they seemed perplexed by the question.

Why couldn’t girls be altar servers? I guess I had struck a nerve.

I wanted to be an altar server. I was more than capable…

In my previous post (which you can access by clicking HERE), I debunked the 2- part myth that 1) you can control your thoughts, and 2) your thoughts control your life.

It turns out, you cannot actually control your thoughts. Our brain produces tens of thousands of thoughts per day, and most of them flit by without our conscious awareness.

But, some thoughts can cause distress. And for people with certain types of mental illness (such as anxiety, OCD, and depression), these thoughts can get “stuck,” meaning that they become entangled in an endless thought loop inside our heads.


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